District Membership Update



By Rebecca Hunn, District Membership Chair

SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 – Amazing! I just had a very interesting phone conversation with Jordan Feathers, their president, and I got some good insights as to why they’ve been so successful.

Jordan said that quite some time ago, the old guard looked around and said, “We need some younger members!” So they actively recruited them, and here’s what happened.

They got a couple, and those couple started talking to others their age and bringing them in. And, Jordan pointed out that many of them were women. Women talk more to each other (Jordan’s words, but I think he’s right) and so they started getting even more women.

And, with younger members, the energy and enthusiasm in the meetings went up. For example, they now play music at the beginning of the meeting (not too loud, or intrusive) and Jordan says when he rings the bell to start the meeting he has to ring it loudly and repeatedly to get everyone in their seats and quiet. They’re having fun!!!

I’m relating all this because I think the energy in our meetings is absolutely essential to bringing in new members, and I’m saying that from experience. My club, Morgantown North, has seen the energy level in our meetings increase dramatically over the past few months. And yes, we did bring in some younger members. It DEFINITELY made a difference. All of our members (think retention) are having more fun, and guests have actually commented on the energy level. More importantly, the guests are joining!

We’ve brought in two new members since July 1 and it appears that two more are coming in this month. For a small club, that’s a good increase.

The point is, analyze your meetings. The Rotary Club Health Check is a good place to start. (Just Google the title and download the pdf.) Look at new membership plans that might be more appealing to younger people. And remember, Rotary International has done everything they can to give us maximum flexibility.  We simply have to embrace change to make it all work.

The purpose of the call between Jordan and I was really to talk about two membership options our clubs can take advantage of. I’ll relate those later, because other clubs may be able to take advantage of them as well.

Bottom line, there are some exciting membership plans afoot in 7530. Help make them happen!