Rotary Club of Cheat Lake

Rotary Club of Cheat Lake Adds 9 New Members Since July 1

SEPTEMBER 1, 2018 – President Jordan Feathers announced that the Rotary Club of Cheat Lake has added nine new members since July 1.
Jordan said that quite some time ago, the old guard looked around and said, “We need some younger members!” So they actively recruited them. They got a couple, and those couple started talking to their peers and brought in more new members within their age group. Jordan pointed out that many of them were women.
As more younger members joined, the energy and enthusiasm in the meetings increased; and this exuberance has actually changed the atmosphere of the meetings, and also has helped the club evolve more fundraising and service ideas.


2nd Annual Cheat Lake Regatta A Success

AUGUST 11, 2018 – The 2nd annual Cheat Lake Regatta was spectacular this year with the weather cooperating and creating such a festive atmosphere to come enjoy the lake.

The Rotary Club of Cheat Lake raised approximately $20,000 for the day with the proceeds staying close to home and being put to good use for Cheat Lake area charities.